Light Fall: 2 Months Away From Release!

Hey there! With the month of January coming to an end, we are now just two months away from Light Fall’s release. As such, we have several things to discuss with you. Let’s not waste time and dive straight into it.

Light Fall and PAX

We’ve been back from PAX South for a week now. It was our 4th time attending the event in San Antonio and its beautiful River Walk. Once again, it was a tremendous experience and we met a lot of cool people, be it fans, developers or other people from the industry. This year, we brought something new to Texas; our first boss fight – Animus. We were eager, albeit a bit nervous, to see the public’s reaction because it was our first time showcasing a boss fight.

It’s always a pleasure to come down to PAX South, in beautiful San Antonio.

Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better scenario. People really enjoyed the Animus fight and one guy perfectly summarized the encounter: ”In the first two levels of the demo, I just felt like a kid running around in a magical world. But after beating Animus, I felt like a real man.” Design-wise, we weren’t too far off either. The fight was a bit unforgiving so we decided to tweak some minor details. Overall, though, the fight was challenging but enjoyable at the same time.

The Animus fight was a success! Outside of some minor tweaks, we were very pleased with the result.

We also got a lot of new followers and subscribers after the event. We would like to take this moment to salute them all and thank them for supporting our project. Welcome aboard!

Finally, we will also be attending PAX East 2018, from April 5 to 8, in Boston. PAX East will be our last event for a while, so make sure to come by our booth if you’re attending the event!

Light Fall on Steam

With our release coming up quickly, we would like to remind you that the game’s page is already up on Steam. You can already follow and/or wishlist the game if you plan on playing the game on PC. This is also a good way to remain in-touch with our updates!

Kickstarter Update

Recently, we’ve also been busy working on the Kickstarter rewards. Things are finally falling into place and tremendous progress has been made. All of the in-game rewards have been integrated and a Steam build of the entire game will be updated shortly (for our Alpha Agent backers). The Paddlewood’s Lore Journal is also shaping up, thanks to the amazing work of our artist Vanessa. Check out a few of our in-game landmarks and Lore pages below.

Your Support: The Key

To conclude this (lengthy) update, we would like to emphasize the importance of your support. As an indie studio, we know full well that our success depends largely on the community’s support. With the release ahead, anything helps. If you like the game, talk to your friends about it, share our Steam page, give us your feedback so we can keep on improving! Together, we can make great things happen.

That’s it for now. Until next time, take care!


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Light Fall wins Best Hardcore Game at Game Connection!

Hey everyone, it’s been a while! We thought this news would be perfect to begin a new post with, so here we go… Last weekend, Light Fall won the ‘Best Hardcore Game’ award at Game Connection Europe in Paris! This win puts the cherry on top of a great few months of nominations and accolades for our game.

It’s Praise Season for Light Fall!

It all started at the beginning of this summer, when we submitted our game for the Game Connection Development Awards. We then attended the BitSummit in Japan, where Light Fall was named Title of the week in the world-renowned magazine Famitsu.

Shortly after, the game was selected in the Indie Arena Booth for Gamescom. A booth that gathered the 80 best indie games in the world. It was obviously a great honor to be among such a tremendous group of games.

After our event in Germany, we then traveled to Korea for the Busan Indie Connect Festival. There, Light Fall was nominated for Excellence in Audio, Art, Narrative and Casual, as well as for the event’s Grand Prix. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up winning in any category! However, it felt great to be nominated and showed that the game was on the right path.

Then, at the beginning of October, we got an email… We were nominated in two categories at the Game Connection Development Awards; Best PC/Console Hardcore and Best Hardcore Game. We ultimately won the latter. This means a lot to us as it is our first big award in the industry. It’s cool to see the game being well-received, even though it isn’t released yet.

David attended the gala to receive our award for Best Hardcore Game.

SFX/Soundtrack Update

We are currently finishing up our first pass for the SFX and soundtrack of the game. As we said in an earlier post, we are working with Peak Media, an agency specialized in this field. They have been very pleasant to work with and their talent truly makes the atmosphere of Light Fall much more immersive.

Right now, they are working on the remaining SFX for the last two acts of the game. After that, we will be left with the ambiance of the in-game cutscenes and a final pass to fix things here and there.

Complete PC Version Almost Done

Right now, the complete PC version of Light Fall is almost done. We are finishing up some stuff on the last boss of the game and entering the final polishing phase of production. We have been working on the game since March 2014, and it feels surreal to finally see it all in one piece. Without revealing too much, we have a few screenshots to share below.

The Vipera’s Forest: the dangerous and exotic third act of the game.

A magical elevator taking you somewhere unknown…

Puzzles… Did someone say puzzles?!

We will also need the help of our Alpha Agent backers on Kickstarter to test the entire game soon enough. A special update will be posted when we release the next beta build on Steam. You should definitely keep an eye out for that!

Starting Up Console Certifications

We decided to push back the release date to March 2018 because we wanted to launch across all the platforms at the same time. With the PC version almost complete, it’s now time to start working on the console certifications for Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. This is quite the tedious work but we are confident in our timeline and release date.

It’s an ambitious bet, but we want you guys to enjoy Light Fall on the platform of your choice! We also feel that having a multi-platform launch will help us with the press and the content creators. That’s it for today. Thanks for your continued support and stay tuned! Cheers!

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Light Fall Releases in March 2018!

Hello everyone. Today, we have great news to share with you. First of all, it is with excitement, pride and joy that we can, at long last, make it official. After more than three years of hard work, Light Fall finally has its release date. The game will launch in March 2018 on Steam (PC/Mac), Xbox One and Playstation 4.

A Dream Becoming Reality

The journey was quite long, but we’re finally approaching the finish line.

Looking back at our humble beginnings, it feels surreal to see how our game and our studio have evolved these past years. Three inexperienced dreamers that became a full-time team of five, surrounded with great partners and mentors across the industry.

Light Fall has also changed quite a lot from its initial concept. Truthfully, we are very fortunate to see our dream becoming reality. Often times, indie projects have to be cancelled or greatly altered in the development process. It’s hard to make a game starting from scratch… and we were lucky enough to do so with Light Fall. But the road wasn’t without bumps and dead ends.

Drawbacks and Delays

We suffered many drawbacks in order to make the game as we initially envisioned it.

If you look at the estimated date on our Kickstarter page (June/July 2016), you clearly understand that we have suffered from many drawbacks and delays throughout the production of Light Fall. The reality of it is that we got lost in the scope of our project. There was no way we would be able to deliver on all the things we wanted to do (Speedrun mode, console ports, etc.) in our estimated timeline.

However, we never lost hope and now that we have an official release date, we can see the big picture of our game… and it’s f****** awesome! Your patience and support throughout the years have been much appreciated. We realize that a big part of this dream was made possible by the support of our earliest fans, and we are grateful for it.

Gamescom Recap

Another great news is that we’re back from Gamescom 2017, in Cologne. We were part of the Indie Arena Booth, a selection of 80 of the most promising indie games out there. It was a great honor for us and it was the perfect opportunity to show Light Fall to the European market. We met a lot of cool people and it was fun to chat with the other developers around us. The event was very tiresome but we managed to survive the 5 days of show.

They said 500 000 people attended Gamescom this year, and as you can see in the pictures below, it’s not hard to believe!

Just one of the many hallways of the show floor.


The Blizzard expo hall was quite something… As you would expect from them!


Donkey Kong… What happened to you???


A really cool setup from ARK!


Blizzard went all-in with these amazing Overwatch statues.


And in all this craziness, here’s our booth in the Indie Arena!

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