Build Update 9

Often, our updates are focused on 1 big thing. Then we try to iterate/improve that big thing on the following update. Well, this time around we’re doing something a little different. Over time, we accumulated a bunch of little things that we wanted to tackle, but never really had the time to get to them. In this update, we made time for those. Here’s all the little changes you’ll find the next time you start the game:

Mortars’ Range

Have you ever been pinned down by mortars from really far away from a Vessel? Yeah, it annoyed us too, so we finally got around to figure out the issue with this seemingly unlimited range and fixed it. Now, you need to be from a reasonable distance from the Vessel for them to launch mortars at you.

Fire Ring Self-Damage

Have you ever felt like the Sun Tower combo was… wrong? In the midst of action, it was hard to pin point the issue, but after a bit of focused trial and error, it became obvious that the problem arose when you activated that power: the hitbox, which allows enemies to hit the character, expanded significantly. As big as the Fire Ring itself actually! If an enemy was attacking a tower or anything like that, but the ring happened to be in the area, the player would take damage too.

Dynamic Combo Prompts

If you’re about to launch a combo, be it for a normal or a super tower, you have other options while in that mode. You can cancel to take back full control of your character, or you can move to select another tower. But what if there are no towers? Or if you’re in a tutorial and that we want you to focus on a specific task? Well these prompts needed to get dynamic to adapt to the different use cases, which we are happy to include in this update.

Smokespawn Hit Animation

Ever noticed that the Smokespawns would glide on the ground sometimes? Yeah that was an animation bug. It’s taken care of now.

Corruption No Longer Slows You Down

This one is more a game design change than something broken. Long story short, we’re changing somewhat our approach with the combat system in a few subtle ways. To put it simply, we now believe that the character should be mobile. We improved the teleport ability in a past update, we added an experimental dash in another one and this change goes hand in the same vein.

Win/Lose Inconsistencies

Before this update, when we lost the enemies were automatically killed. This was odd, since they just won and we lost. So now, they stay around to enjoy their victory.

We also had a few other changes in this department including a minor animation fix on the core for when we lost. In a few rare occasions, it was also possible to win a round and kill the last Vessel, but still get hit by an enemy at the same time. The outcome of such a scenario was mostly a coin flip: did you win or did you lose? You’d find out after a 5sec animation where you have no control. Now, the outcome should be more clear and immediate.

Speaking of the 5sec win/lose animation, the lose one had a bug in it that made it somewhat static and unnecessarily long, which we of course fixed.

Introduction Mission Nodes

In the World Map, a mission node will tell the player if the mission should be expected to be easy, normal or hard. But what about the nodes for the introduction? They used to display “Very Easy” or “Easy”, but we think that these statements are misleading at best. These custom missions do not represent the difficulty of the nodes shown in the campaign. So we decided to display “Introduction” for both of these missions instead to avoid confusion.

All right that’s it for this update. See you in the next one!