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Since 2014, we’ve successfully tackled numerous projects, encompassing both our own IPs and those of our valued clients. We’re just 1 message away👇

Our Projects

Our studio thrives in making innovative games with striking art styles. We are currently in development for our second IP.

Towers of Thana

Launch: TBA
Learn more:

Light Fall

Launch: April 2018
Platforms: Switch, Windows & Mac
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Client Projects

We’ve been fortunate to be able to work on high quality projects with clients. Here’s a snippet of what we did.

Super Agent
Jon Le Bon

With pride in our craft and passion in our hearts, we created the most played game (twice!) on Radio Canada’s youth section.

As many Canadians, we spent a lot of time on this website when we were young and we’re proud to have given back in such a big way.

Client: Happy Camper Média
Learn more: Radio-Canada

Play Lü

When your business is to make kids move in a gymnasium, you need engaging games.

For about 2 years, our team helped the amazing folks at Play Lü to bring their games and the platform itself to the next level.

Learn more: Play Lü

The Team

As you can see, our artistic team has a lot of experience in the industry. They are also used to collaborate together as they were the key people who made Towers of Thana so beautiful.

If you’re in need of a fully-staffed artistic team, or only some help from a specific expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Gab – Technical Artist

When you work on serious games, you need serious skills to make them look good. That’s when Gab comes in.

As a technical artist with over 16 years of experience in the industry, Gab has been able to help us overcome every single visual challenge we faced. We’re confident he can help you too.

JS – Concept Artist

As the Art Director for Towers of Thana, JS is here to bring any artistic project to the next level. With his 12 years of experience in the industry, he’s shown that he can work with different art styles and bring a new spark of creativity in any project!

See his work:
Portfolio (Artstation)

Mat – VFX/UI

As one of the 3 co-founders at Bishop Games, Mat has become a very skilled VFX and UI artist over the past 8 years of existence at the company. Always with the end user in mind, he got an undeniable sense for “game feel” and always has the right touch to make everything feel so much better!

See his work:
Towers of Thana Teaser

Jay – 3D Artist

After graduating in 2019, Jay joined the team and never looked back! He helped the existing crew from Light Fall to transition from a 2D pipeline to a 3D pipeline for Towers of Thana. Since then, he only kept growing and has been instrumental to make the game a reality, always pushing the limits forward.

See his work:
Portfolio (Artstation)

We Can Help

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