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  • Build Update 9

    Build Update 9

    Often, our updates are focused on 1 big thing. Then we try to iterate/improve that big thing on the following update. Well, this time around we’re doing something a little different. Over time, we accumulated a bunch of little things that we wanted to tackle, but never really had the time to get to them. […]

  • Build Update 8 – Controller Support

    Build Update 8 – Controller Support

    Whenever we start to work on something, we like to think about the possible challenges that may come our way and plan accordingly. You know, doing some planning and thinking ahead of time can save a lot of effort in the long run. It’s usually better to put together a plan of attack then move […]

  • Gamescom & PAX Recap

    Gamescom & PAX Recap

    The last month has been quite the ride! With the Early Access launch of Towers of Thana, we wanted to get out there and decided to go hands on with the crowds at both Gamescom and PAX West. Here’s the recap! Gamescom Recognized as one of (if not THE) biggest video game show in the […]