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OFFICIAL: Light Fall Comes Out April 26 on Switch and Steam!

Welp, there it is folks. After 4 long years of hard work, we can finally say that Light Fall will release on April 26 (next Thursday) on both Steam and Switch. It took more time than we anticipated but now it’s official: no more obstacles stand in our way. With just a week left, it’s time to spread the word, so do not hesitate to share the good news with your friends!

The wait is over: Light Fall comes out April 26 on both Steam and Switch!

Every bit of help counts and the support from the community has shown its effectiveness on numerous occasions, so please join us in our effort to raise awareness for the game. For example, you can share the release trailer below:


Turning Light Fall into a reality was not an easy task. It was our first project, and for 2 of the 3 founders, it was also our first steps in the video game industry. In hindsight, we truly had no idea what we were getting ourselves into before we embarked on this adventure. It was a roller-coaster ride but we’re very glad to have lived such an experience.

And while we had too many delays and drawbacks to our liking, we were committed to making Light Fall the way we envisioned it. Porting to a console like the Nintendo Switch, building another game mode totally dedicated to Speedrun (online leaderboards, in-game ghosts of other players, etc.) and shaping up two game difficulties obviously took a lot of time and energy. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. These things are what makes Light Fall great; they allow you to experience the game to the fullest no matter your skill level or the type of platformer you usually enjoy.


On a technical level, the game will be available on the Steam Store and the Nintendo eShop for the cost of 15 USD (or it’s equivalent) on the 26th. The game will be downloadable only, although we do have some physical copies as Kickstarter rewards. Another important thing to note is that Nintendo America will do a pre-launch sale of the game starting tomorrow (April 19)! So, if you really can’t wait to get the game on Switch, you can always pre-purchase it.

Light Fall will be available for pre-purchase starting April 19. This only applies to the NA eShop.


If you are one of our Kickstarter backers, we encourage you to pay close attention to the updates coming up until the 26th. We will do a Kickstarter survey to address the rewards as soon as we have more information on the Switch/PC versions. We still do not know if it will be possible to have a Switch-version of Light Fall for the backers, but it is an avenue we are currently exploring and working on closely with Nintendo.


There’s not much else to say than thank you, really. Your support and kind words throughout the years have been of tremendous help. We know first-hand that we’ve had quite a few delays and that things rarely went according to plan. We learned a lot on this journey and you guys honestly made it easy for us. Not once have we felt pressured by the community or have received any form of backlash for not meeting a prior deadline. For your understanding and patience, we remain eternally thankful.

We sincerely hope Light Fall meets your expectations, as we have put our heart and soul into this game. Thank you and have fun exploring the Forgotten World of Numbra.

Light Fall Releasing on Switch/Steam!

Hello there! If you have watched today’s Nindie Showcase, you have probably seen Light Fall in there. That’s correct: Light Fall is officially releasing on Switch and Steam (PC/Mac). For the occasion, we presented a new gameplay trailer that you can watch below.

This announcement comes after two months of hard work, where we focused mostly on the Switch port of the game. We are now proud to say that Light Fall will be available on both platforms (Switch and Steam) early/mid April!

Wait, April?!

Yep, you read it right. While our initial release target was end of March, our plan was spoiled by an untimely crash bug that started to occur randomly. The bug is triggered in transitions between a level and a cutscene or between a level and the menu, but also doesn’t happen all the time.

This, obviously, means that we failed to obtain a ‘Gold’ version of the game. We are currently working hard to fix this issue, which is the last obstacle standing in our way. It’s unfortunate, but these things happen and we just have to buckle up and deal with it. It’s hard to say when exactly the release will be, because the submission process is not that simple, but we are targeting the first two weeks of April. Obviously, an update will follow as soon as we have more details on the situation.

What about PS4 and X1?

We realize that we have talked about these consoles in the past. Several times, even. But sometimes… plans change and partnerships develop and evolve unexpectedly. This is what happened with Nintendo. It’s true that we’re launching on Switch and PC first, but it doesn’t mean we have forgotten about PS4 and X1. We will see how the sales go and we will adjust our strategy accordingly. Rest assured that these two consoles are definitely our next target.

Speedrun Mode

Another surprise from today’s announcement was that both the Story Mode and Speedrun Mode will be available on Switch/Steam at launch. The Story Mode will offer a narrative and more casual experience while the Speedrun Mode will provide an opportunity to compete and race the ghosts of players from all around the world! Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the leaderboards?

Once again, we apologize for this delay. We know it sucks. But our motto has always been about taking the time necessary in order to make this game a reality. And this is exactly what we’re going to do fixing this issue.


Light Fall Story Trailer Reveal

Hello folks, today we have something big to share with you all. With the release coming closer and closer, it’s now time to reveal our Story Trailer, narrated by none other than good ol’ Stryx! This trailer will shed some light on the adventure that awaits you in Light Fall and on the world of Numbra as a whole. We hope you like it!

Another trailer will also be revealed next week, this time about the gameplay of Light Fall.

Kickstarter Rewards Update

Moreover, we also have some news concerning the physical rewards of our Kickstarter campaign. We’re in the process of getting everything done by launch date (fingers crossed). Here’s a preview of what these rewards will look like. Quite nice, huh?

The physical rewards in all their glory!

That’s it for now. We have an announcement coming up in a few days with the exact release date and other important details. We just have to keep everything under wrap for now! Stay tuned!