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Gamescom, Kickstarter In-Game Rewards and more!

Hey folks, it’s a been a while…

We had quite the busy summer and we have several things to share with you today. Let’s start with our remaining two expos: Gamescom and Busan Indie Connect Festival.

Germany and Korea to Round Up Our Summer

First, we are very excited to announce that Light Fall was selected for the Indie Arena Booth for this year’s Gamescom! It is a tremendous opportunity for us and we are glad to finally be able to come to Europe with our game. We know that a lot of you guys are from there and we can only hope to meet some of you in Cologne.

You can watch the event’s trailer right here.

Light Fall has also been selected by the Busan Indie Connect Festival, in Korea. We’ve had success in Japan earlier this year and we are confident that we can replicate this success for the Korean market. As you can see below, we had the honor of being named Title of the week by the renowned Famitsu magazine.

Famitsu liked our game at BitSummit and wanted to do a full feature in its magazine.

Famitsu liked our game at BitSummit and wanted to do a full feature in its magazine.

Still Working On the Beta

Our focus hasn’t changed since the last update, we are still working on our complete beta. Right now, we can play the entire game in one go. It means that there is no more game-breaking stuff or unfinished parts of any boss or level.

Our focus is now on fixing small bugs, fleshing out the backgrounds of the levels and just making sure they are the same quality as the first Act (what we’ve been showcasing in game expos and such). The in-game cut scenes are also done, for the most part.

Here’s a few teaser images of what’s waiting for you in the full game:

Dwelve into Stryx's past and learn more about his character.

Dwelve into Stryx’s past and learn more about his character.

Many puzzles and challenges will bar your way.

Many puzzles and challenges will bar your way.

Discover unexplored and dangerous regions throughout your journey.

Discover unexplored and dangerous regions throughout your journey.

Kickstarter In-Game Rewards Integration

We’ve also been working on the Kickstarter in-game rewards since July 15, which was the deadline for the backers to send their ideas/pictures.

The process is going along nicely and we can’t wait for you guys to see the ideas from our backers.

Once again, we got some teaser for you all.

A WIP of a Kickstarter backer's idea: his beautiful dog!

A WIP of a Kickstarter backer’s idea: his beautiful dog!

Another landmark; this time the backer himself will be in the game.

Another landmark; this time the backer himself will be in the game.

To conclude, we hope you have a wonderful summer and thanks for your continued support!

BitSummit: Light Fall in Japan!

This past month has been quite something for Bishop Games! With the 5th edition of BitSummit, an indie festival based in Kyoto, the studio spent 12 days in beautiful Japan. It was honestly an incredible experience and we never thought we would visit Japan, especially not because of our game. Here’s a recap of our adventure in the Land of the Rising Sun.

A Cultural Shock

Even though we tried our best to prepare for something like this, visiting Japan was still a huge cultural shock. Beforehand, we did our best to learn key words such as ‘Thanks’, ‘Sorry’, ‘Hi’ and ‘I Don’t Understand’. We also spoke to our partner for the Japanese market, who provided valuable information about the culture (the do’s and don’ts) and the cities we were visiting.

Despite our best efforts, we were still completely overwhelmed once we landed in Osaka, after spending close to 24 hours in planes and airports. The first thing that hit us was… the jet lag. There is a 13 hours difference between Eastern Canada and Japan. Still, we powered through, got out of the airport and on our way to our first Airbnb. After an awkward taxi ride where we couldn’t communicate with our driver at all, we managed to get there. We dropped our bags and decided to go eat at a local restaurant. And this brings me to my next point… the food.

Different Cultures, Different Meals

You see, I’m not what you would call a picky eater. Well I thought I wasn’t, before I visited Japan. It’s not that the food tastes bad or anything of the sort. In fact, a lot of the meals were quite enjoyable. But over there, most of the food is soft and cold as opposed to North America where we are used to hot and crunchy textures. Their food diet also mainly consists of fish, rice, raw egg and other seafood, which is not something we are used to. It definitely took us a few days to get used to that, but it wasn’t so bad in the end.

One particular meal that I enjoyed was a traditional Okonomiyaki; a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients such as flour, eggs, green onions, shrimp and other seafood. It was a unique and very tasty meal that we found in a small restaurant of Kyoto.

A traditional

A traditional Okonomiyaki!

A Sneak Peek In the Japanese Gaming Culture

As we grew accustomed to Kyoto, the jet lag and life in Japan, BitSummit was about to begin. It was an intriguing event for us and we truly had no expectations of what would happen. By now, we were used to the PAXs, but BitSummit was our first event in Asia. Would the cultural differences also be present in the gaming culture? Would the Japanese people react to Light Fall in a similar manner? So many questions raced in my head prior to the event!

The first day of BitSummit was on Friday; it was set up day and press hours. We knew Famitsu, the biggest gaming press in Japan, would be there. We didn’t want to miss them… and luckily for us, they stopped at our booth and really enjoyed the game! They also wrote an article about the game, which is a good way to gain exposure with the Japanese public. It was a great way to start the weekend and the following days didn’t disappoint either!

There was a steady flow of players at the booth and, from the little we could understand, most of them seemed to enjoy Light Fall! Thankfully, we had interpreters on the show floor to help us communicate.

The Japanese public welcomed Light Fall with open arms.

The Japanese public welcomed Light Fall with open arms.

We were also invited on the Twitch Stage for a live-interview, similar to the one we did at PAX South 2016.

Ben was on the Twitch Stage at BitSummit to talk about Light Fall.

Ben was on the Twitch Stage at BitSummit to talk about Light Fall.

Finally, we were also approached by several potential business partners for the Asian markets. While nothing is official yet, these partnerships look promising in order to bring Light Fall everywhere in Asia. All in all, BitSummit was well worth the trip!

Japan: A Sight to Behold

Looking back, we had a wonderful trip in Japan. Not only was BitSummit a great success for the studio and the game, but on a personal level, we truly enjoyed visiting Japan and learning more about its culture, its people and its history. Here are some cool photos we took during our trip. For all you know, Japan might be on your future destinations’ list after that?


The world-renowned Mt. Fuji!

The world-renowned Mt. Fuji!


The night life of Tokyo.


Japan is home to many beautiful scenery like this one.


A traditional Japanese market.


Bishop On The Road: PAX South 2017 Recap

Hey guys, we hope you are all doing fine! Today, we’re introducing a new blog series that will touch on our day-to-day lives on the road.

Attending conventions around the world like PAX or GDC is an amazing experience, it’s something quite unique in fact. We get questioned a lot on what it is like to have a booth and show our game to the world, so we figured it would be great idea to share what we go through as exhibitors. PAX South 2017 was our third time in the beautiful San Antonio, and we loved it just the same as the first time!


Once again, the public’s reception was outstanding!

Texan Winter Ain’t So Bad

The first thing that we enjoy about San Antonio is that it’s a nice break from our cold Canadian winter. Sure, Texas in winter isn’t that warm, but it’s nothing compared to what we go through up north. At least there isn’t a couple feet of snow everywhere! It’s a welcomed change and it usually feels like we are splitting our own winter season in two!

Snow break for a week? Count us in!

Snow break for a week? Count us in!

We even managed to buy swimsuits once we arrived, as there was a nice pool on the roof of our hotel. That’s dedication right there!

Day 1: A Bumpy Start

We setup our booth on Thursday, one day prior to the beginning of PAX. Everything went fine and we didn’t run into any major problems. Our equipment was working fine, our Light Fall demo was tight… but you know how it goes right? When we arrived Friday morning, none of our three stations worked properly. Even worse, they all had a different problem!

One had a sound issue with the headset, the second one wouldn’t open our demo and the third one would display that damned ‘Activate Windows’ message on top of our game. Thankfully, we managed to get everything fixed by 10:15 AM. So only 15 minutes late… not too bad! The rest of the day went fine, but that was a stressful morning for sure.

We then finished our day at The Original Mexican Restaurant on the beautiful Riverwalk of San Antonio. This is ”our spot” whenever we attend PAX South. The drinks are quite something…

On the menu, it is said that under the Texan law only one of those is allowed per night...

On the menu, it is said that under the Texan law only one of those is allowed per night…

Day 2: Packed All Day Long

Saturday is always the biggest day of any expo and this time was no different. Time flies by and you realize at one point that the show is over! On a personal level, this was my ”big day” as well. I am the one who handles the press and, at one point, I had five meetings in a row. I remember looking at my phone only to see it was almost 3:00 pm… It was time for my lunch break. All in all, Saturday was great but exhausting. I think we all went back at the hotel pretty early in the night and just watched some TV before falling asleep.

We might have needed more than two playing stations on Saturday.

We might have needed more than two playing stations on Saturday.

Day 3: Time to Play Around!

I won’t lie, Sunday is definitely my favorite day. Why? Because it’s gaming day of course! It’s on Sunday that we usually rotate at the booth, allowing us to finally explore the convention and try out all the amazing games. I had my eyes on a couple of them since the beginning, and it was finally time to get ”my hands dirty”. Dauntless was one of them. Our booth was nearby, so I could check them out all weekend long! I really enjoyed playing their alpha battle demo. From all the games I’ve tried, it was my #1.

Math and David also had the chance to try out the much anticipated Nintendo Switch, and let me tell you they weren’t disappointed!

It will be a long wait for Dauntless, but I'm very excited for the game!

It will be a long wait for Dauntless, but I’m very excited for the game!

The budget of some of these booths never cease to amaze me. I can only dream that one day we will have a similar one for one of our games!

Earthfall went all out with this beauty!

Earthfall went all out with this beauty!

Finally, Sunday is my favorite because it usually presents a different crowd. By the end of the afternoon, it’s not rare to see parents with their kids walking through the now less-populated convention. We had a few of them hop in and try the game, and despite their young age, they were very talented!

A father and son duo exploring the world of Numbra.

A father and son duo exploring the world of Numbra.

PAX South: Indie-Friendly

To conclude, we really enjoyed our time at this third edition of PAX South. Every time we’ve been here, we have felt welcomed by the community. It truly feels like the crowd of PAX South enjoys indie games and we always feel extremely motivated after such an event. We had a blast chatting with you all this weekend and it will only make us work harder to release the best Light Fall possible.

Thanks for the support and the love, we greatly appreciate it! Stay tuned for more Light Fall in the upcoming weeks :)