Speed Run Mode Announcement

Hello everyone! With Christmas coming up in a few days, we’d like to share some good news with you all.

In case you have missed our most recent Kickstarter update, we are here to tell you more about the Speed Run Mode for Light Fall.


Not all of you might be aware, but the idea of a Speed Run Mode has been around for a while. The idea came about naturally, back at PAX East in Boston, last year. Back then we put a timer and death counter in the playable demo so we would have a general idea of the average time the fans took to complete our levels and how many times they died. To us, it was a measuring tool to balance things out.

What we didn’t expect was that quite a lot of people liked to challenge their friends in a race, playing on two stations next to each other. We also had a group that played the entire afternoon trying to beat the time of the devs (and one of them did).

Going back to the cold winter of Quebec City, we decided to ponder on how to implement this game mode and make it a cool feature. Simply put, once you launch the game, a menu will pop up and you will have the choice between the Story Mode, which is the game’s campaign, and the Speed Run Mode. In Speed Run Mode, you can play any level that you want from the start, there is no linear progression like in the Story Mode.

The in-game menu.
The in-game menu.

The main idea is obviously to get the best time possible to get a higher score, but that’s not all. You will be able to add Difficulty Multipliers before every level to boost its overall challenge but also to increase your potential score.

Right now, we’ve thought of 5 Multipliers and have implemented 2 of them in the demo, to test things out.

Our ideas so far:

You Only Live Once: No checkpoints. If you die, you start from the beginning.
The Sky is Falling: Deadly particles falling from the sky throughout the level.
Embrace the Darkness: The level’s visibility is greatly reduced.
Crystal Clear: Additional crystals are inserted into the levels.
Beast Mode: Additional enemies are inserted into the levels.

We have other cool ideas in mind but they are a bit funky, and as such, require more time to polish. To give you a better idea, we made a few GIFs comparing exact same spots in the levels being played in Story Mode versus Speed Run Mode.

The water mills in the Lunar Plain.
The water mills in the Lunar Plain.


The Lost Lagoon.
The Lost Lagoon.

As you can see, the level can become quite hardcore.

To conclude, we’d like to remind you all that we will be attending PAX South once again this year! Hopefully we meet some of you there. We will post an update just before PAX to tell you what’s coming up.

Cheers and we wish you all a happy holidays!