A new character enters the fray: Stryx the Sage Owl

Hello everyone.

We are very excited to introduce our newest character: Stryx the Sage Owl. Stryx has been in our plans for a few months now and this is with joy and anticipation that he joins the Light Fall universe today.

Stryx is the last of an ancient family of Great Owls that spent decades watching over Numbra, the forgotten World where Light Fall takes place. He joins Nox in his adventure and will travel at his side in the numerous challenges awaiting our nocturnal champion.

Stryx is very wise and highly intelligent, but also very old and grumpy! He will accompany the player in his adventures, sometimes giving him tips to solve a puzzle or to pass a difficult obstacle. Stryx is also very knowledgeable about the world of Numbra, having lived here for all his life. He will help out the player with his vast knowledge, but he will also yell insults and complain when the player ”takes too long” according to him. As we said, he’s a very grumpy owl, so don’t mess up too much when he’s watching you!

Here’s a little artwork teaser of Stryx, hope you enjoy:


Stryx wallpaper

Thanks again for your continued¬†support and stay tuned as we have ”MOAR” amazing stuff to show you in a few weeks! :)


Have a great weekend,