Light Fall: Stryx revealed!

Hello everyone.

With just a few days before PAX East, we have some pretty neat stuff to share.

For those who have played the game, you have heard him countless times. You heard him mock you, you heard him shed some light on the World of Numbra, you heard him explain many things, you even got saved by him… now you will be able to see him in-game.

Stryx the Night Owl finally enters the fray

This .gif here shows different animations of Stryx that will be integrated into the game for PAX East (well that’s the plan). As your companion throughout this journey, it just makes sense that you should be able to see him around right?

Stryx is a very old and grumpy owl that has lived his entire life in the Forgotten World of Numbra. He is also the last of his Order: The Night Owls. Once a powerful and fierce warrior among his Order, Stryx is now confined to watching from the sidelines.

He will help you greatly throughout the game, but be warned, he will also mock you when you fail (and that will happen quite alot). You are stuck with him for better or worse!

Free candies inside

As a thank you for all the amazing support you have shown us (our Greenlight is already 70% on it’s way to the top 100) it is now our turn to give back. Here’s a a link to download our recent build in preparation for PAX East: LINK

Play to your heart’s content and do not hesitate to give us feedback. We are always eager to hear what you guys have to say about Light Fall, good or bad!

Keep rockin’