Light Fall Story Trailer Reveal

Hello folks, today we have something big to share with you all. With the release coming closer and closer, it’s now time to reveal our Story Trailer, narrated by none other than good ol’ Stryx! This trailer will shed some light on the adventure that awaits you in Light Fall and on the world of Numbra as a whole. We hope you like it!

Another trailer will also be revealed next week, this time about the gameplay of Light Fall.

Kickstarter Rewards Update

Moreover, we also have some news concerning the physical rewards of our Kickstarter campaign. We’re in the process of getting everything done by launch date (fingers crossed). Here’s a preview of what these rewards will look like. Quite nice, huh?

The physical rewards in all their glory!

That’s it for now. We have an announcement coming up in a few days with the exact release date and other important details. We just have to keep everything under wrap for now! Stay tuned!