Light Fall : introducing the Shadow Core

Hello ladies and gents,

As some of you know already, we have been working on a new and innovative game mechanic for the past month and a half: the Shadow Core. While the Core is still a work in progress, it is now time to make it official with this blog post. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it and introduce this baby.



What exactly is the Shadow Core?

The Shadow Core is a mysterious artifact that the player will encounter at the beginning of his adventure. This strange object possesses magical properties and will accompany the player throughout his journey into the wild Numbra. Not much is known about the Shadow Core, no one really knows how it got there and many rumors and theories surround this mystical cube. Some say it is a key to unlock forgotten treasures, others think it is a fragment of the moon itself… It will be up to the player to uncover the mystery behind this legendary artifact.


Specifically, how will the Shadow Core help the player in his quest?

The Core has many uses that the player will be free to choose at any time. We are still incorporating new ways to use the Core, but as of now, it can be mainly used as:

– A mobile platform that the player can move around at will

– A shield to block incoming projectiles and missiles

– A key to solve puzzles, unlock gates and disarm traps

– A gear to operate machinery, windmills and other broken objects

– A counterweight and leverage to be used in elevators, etc

It will be up to the player’s playstyle and decision-making skills to discover how to use the Core in the most appropriate way in every situation. You can see here a few .GIF files of the original Shadow Core, to help illustrate its versality (we have pimped it up since then).





Why the introduction of the Shadow Core changes everything for Light Fall

We really wanted to introduce something cool and unique in our game. Before the Shadow Core, sure our game looked good and was fun to play, but it didn’t stand out from all the other amazing platformers out there. So far, the feedback about the Core is simply outstanding. People are really interested and intrigued by it and we will do our best to develop it even further.

As for the game itself, the Core will allow many options to the player in his movements and actions. We want the Core to be flexible, there will be many ways to use it to succeed. We do not want players to feel confined into one specific use for a particular situation. If someone is a bit more reckless, he will be able to play like that with the Core and if someone else is a bit more cautious, the Core can also be used this way. For example, let’s say you encounter ”Situation Y”, you are not restricted into ”Core Use X” to advance further, you have different alternatives. We want you guys to have FUN and play the way you WANT!


We will keep you all updated on the Core and its progress, but for now that’s mostly it!

I’ll be attending the 2014 edition of MIGS in Montreal, in a couple weeks, so hopefully I can catch a few of you guys there and talk a bit about video games :)

Thanks again for the support and stay tuned! Peace out.