Light Fall NOW on Greenlight!

Yep. It’s finally on folks.

Light Fall is now on Steam Greenlight! This is a big step for us and the feeling is great. We’ve worked alot on the game since PAX South and we are confident that our game will be Greenlit.

Keyboard warriors ASSEMBLE

Come to battle with us! Greenlight is on!
Come to battle with us! Greenlight is on!

But we need you for that to happen. Sharpen your mouse and keyboard and join us into the Greenlight battle.
Please click HERE and go vote for Light Fall! With your help, we can definitely achieve our goal. We’re counting on you guys :)

New trailer video featuring PAX South highlights

For the Greenlight campaign we made a new trailer, as most of our videos were clearly outdated. Hell, the game didn’t even look the same sometimes. There you go, the hype is real!

That’s it for now, thanks for the support and keep being awesome ;)