Light Fall Intro Cinematic Revealed

Hey everyone, how have you all been?

We know, we know… it’s been quite some time since our last devlog update, sorry. In the past, we tried to do at least one update every month, but the reality is sometimes you simply don’t have much to say when you are working on different things simultaneously. We also can’t reveal everything, we have to keep some surprises for when the game launches! Anyways, we are here today with several good news to share with you.

New demo coming up for our Alpha Agents backers (Kickstarter)

In a couple weeks, a Steam key will be sent to our Alpha Agents backers (Beta access) to download our newest demo. We are excited to share this new content with you guys, but also a bit nervous. We’ve introduced several new in-game mechanics and your feedback will be extremely important. We are eager to receive your opinions on the things we’ve been working on lately.

The demo itself is ready, we are simply waiting to have our US tax number activated by the IRS (we’re based in Canada) to complete the Steam process. We spoke with the IRS last week and they told us it would take 2 to 3 weeks for the whole thing to be completed.

Why Steam? We have always said that Light Fall would be available on Steam but also DRM free, and it is still true to this day. When Light Fall will be released, you will be able to either download it via Steam or directly from our website. But for security purposes and to be fair to our Alpha Agent backers, who paid to get the beta access, providing the demo on Steam is the best choice for us.

Previously, we would toss a .exe demo file to whoever wanted to try our game. The issue with this approach is that it’s quite easy to copy/access the game’s code this way and make a clone. It’s been done in the past to other games, and it will happen again, unfortunately. From now on, it will be safer for us to provide our upcoming content through Steam while the game is still in development. It’s also easier to control who actually has access to the demo this way. We hope you understand and we apologize if you dislike DRM.

Light Fall’s Intro Cinematic now on YouTube

We’ve also been working on the game’s intro, and while we’re not totally satisfied yet, we are pretty happy with this version. We hope you enjoy it and, once again, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


We also have some exclusive screenshots of our most recent level; the Lost Lagoon. This level will be playable in the upcoming demo for our backers. Hope you enjoy!

The Lost Lagoon is situated atop the highest summit in Numbra.
The Lost Lagoon is situated atop the highest summit in Numbra.
Not your typical boat ride...
Not your typical boat ride…
You will be able to control the boat with the Shadow Core.
You will be able to control the boat with the Shadow Core.

Light Fall at PAX South

Likewise, we have the pleasure to announce that we will be participating in this year’s PAX South. It will be the second edition of PAX South and we had such a blast last time that we definitely had to attend once more. PAX South was our first big exhibition and it was truly a magical experience for us so we are excited to go again. Hopefully we meet some of you guys there, don’t be shy and come say hi!

Throwback to the first edition of PAX South.
Throwback to the first edition of PAX South.

To conclude this update, we have to say that the overall development is going nicely. We have many other cool levels in the works, but hey, we can’t spoil everything right?

We will try to resume our monthly updates, and for our Alpha Agents, expect an update as soon as the Steam process is finished (2-3 weeks) linked with a key for the demo.

Cheers and have a great week!

– The Bishop Squad