New level concept for Indie Cade 2014

Hello guys, Ben writing from the studio.

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates and screenshots in the past weeks, we’ve been really busy with the business side of the studio. Basically, we worked on things for Bishop Games rather than working on Light Fall. Still, we are now right back on track and all the boring stuff is dealt with.

So today we would like to show you our newest level concept: The lunar plain.

lunar plain

This environment is beautiful but do not fool yourself, one misstep and you’re done! Many dangers lie within the silent plain… ready to strike at the first chance.

We decided to create this level from scratch and submit it for the upcoming Indie Cade 2014. It will be held in California, in October. Obviously, being selected for this event represents a golden opportunity for us and we’ll do our best to create the most amazing level ever.

To do so, we’d like to ask for your opinion about our concept. What do you think? Do you like it? Would you change or add something?

Thank you and we can’t wait to hear from you all. Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated since the beginning of our project.