Kickstarter sneak peek: Behind the scenes

Hello everyone!

We know we have been talking about it for quite some time now, but FOR REAL, we are almost done with our preparations concerning the Kickstarter campaign.

In fact, the rewards for the backers are all fleshed out and we just finished the shooting of our video today.

The campaign video is arguably the most important asset for Kickstarter

Without a doubt, the video will play a huge role in the success or failure of our campaign. Most people do not bother to read out the campaign page and simply watch the video. Hell, most of them simply watch the first 30 seconds of it to make a decision!

That’s why you have to make sure your video hooks people, grabs their interest and attention. According to Kickstarter themselves, 54% of the projects with a video were funded in 2009 versus 39% of projects without one. And that was in the golden years of Kickstarter…

What tone to use? Funny, absurd, serious, informative…

That is quite the question. We pondered alot about that. With Kickstarter, you have one chance so you better make sure to have the best odds possible. After looking up the videos of numerous succesful campaigns, we came to the conclusion that there is no definitive answer.

Some people did really well with a short and serious video, others went in-depth but kept the informative tone, others went over-the-top with humorous and absurd moments… It needs to fit with your company’s personality.

Getting ''in-character'' just before a scene.
Getting ”in-character” just before a scene.

For us, we have always been very down-to-earth. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know we are the new kids on the block, our studio just celebrated its one year anniversary last March. As such, we decided to go with a goofy approach. I won’t spoil anything yet but while our video gets the message across and explains the intricacies of Light Fall in details, it does so in an absurd and funny manner (according to us at least, you guys be the judges when it comes out).

We didn't let the snow and the cold stop us from filming. We are hardcore.
We didn’t let the snow and the cold stop us from filming. We are hardcore.

Finally, we had alot of fun shooting. We are by no means talented actors but I think we did a decent job. It was alot of work, from writting the script to filming, and we have a huge part left with the editing but in the end it will be worth it!
We leave you guys with a .gif preview of our video: the coolest dog you will ever see in your life!

Kickstarter incoming

Thanks again and see you all soon!