Kickstarter campaign update and Boss reveal!

Hey everyone.

Here’s a quick post about our Kickstarter campaign so far!

This upcoming Wednesday willl be the halfway mark of our campaign, and with just a few hundred dollars short of 10 000$, our goal is also approaching its mid point. Things are going well and we should be able to get funded.

Kickstarter is a full-time job

Obviously, when you launch a Kickstarter campaign or something of similar importance, you don’t just expect to press ‘Launch’ and receive money from the backers without doing anything. We were prepared for this reality. To have a successful Kickstarter you have to treat it like a full-time job, and that goes for everyone on the team.

This is even more true today than it was back when Kickstarter first started. Back then, some projects were funded on a simple concept art. With time, more projects hit the website and nowadays potential backers have more choice when it comes to quality projects (which is a very good thing). To earn the trust from a backer, you have to put a lot of work into your campaign page, video and updates. TL;DR you have to have something to SHOW before you ask people for their money.

During our campaign, we do updates three times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This requires a lot of work: creating the pictures, gifs and videos, writing the texts, answering the messages and comments from the fans, raising awareness for the campaign, creating content to show the public, the list goes on. It is very fun because we are working on our project, our dream, but also very demanding and sometimes even exhausting.

Getting exposure from the media is harder than we thought

After we attended PAX South, we received quite a lot of exposure from the media. Back in January, we were featured on several medias, we even had talk about us.

We also had no problem getting Greenlit on Steam, after making the top30 out of 1800 games in just 11 days. In all honesty, it is harder this time to get exposure from the media. There are several reasons that explain this phenomenom. First of all, medias nowadays don’t really talk about Kickstarters anymore, or if they do, they are much more selective. Secondly, and this is totally our fault, we have spent a lot of ressources and time building up the Kickstarter campaign and, as such, the game development itself was stalled. This means that we didn’t have that many new things to show/talk about, which is exactly what the medias want.

But… we are getting back on track with that. And this brings me to the last point of this post.

Boss reveal: Say hi to Animus the Dragon King


We are working at the moment on the first boss encounter of Light Fall: a puzzle fight against Animus. The fight will be the perfect occasion to show your skills and ingeniosity with the Shadow Core. You will have to be quick, you will have to be smart and you will have to avoid mistakes at all cost.

You can find more info and a backstory on Animus in our Kickstarter Update #6.