A Game Jam Diary (Part 2)

A Game Jam Diary (part 1)
A Game Jam Diary (part 2)
A Game Jam Diary (part 3)

Hi everyone!

It’s David again. I’m still with Mat crafting an amazing game for the Pixel Challenge, a game jam in Quebec city. If you missed the first part, there it is!

What is the game about?

The concept evolved during the week-end and may change until tomorrow. Right now, six players hold an XBox 360 controller to control a Viking warrior. To win, you must bring the most gems to your boat. To do that, you need to use a cart to carry the precious gems. These warriors are special though: they don’t have any weapon, so they use their big belly to bump each other. Bump an opponent to steal his cart or throw him to his death in the cold water!

Here’s how it looks like for now.

A second look at the Pixel Challenge's game!

What’s ahead?

The competition lasts exactly 46 hours. We’re currently 30 hours in, so there’s not so much time ahead. We are also going to leave in a hour or two to take a few hours of sleep (maybe 5, if we oversleep). Tomorrow, the judges will evaluate every game and pick the greatest one to win a prize of 5 000$. There’re 13 teams in our category and there’s a total of about 130 people contestants divided in 4 different categories: video game (pro and amateur) and short animation (pro and amateur).

There’s a little picture of the room. It’s currently 00h40AM, so some teams left to catch some sleep.

We can see the warriors who are still awake at 00h40AM after a 30 hours of game jam

That’s it for right now. I might do a 3rd and last part, which should conclude on the overall experience.