Build Update 3 – World Map

We are super excited to release this new build, since it introduces the first management aspects of the game. This marks a shift from the past versions, where the experience was centered around missions and shorter play sessions, and sets the foundation of our progression and management systems across the campaign. This is very important to us, since we want to provide our players with a lengthy and fulfilling experience that will challenge their strategy and approach throughout their adventure. Below are the new features we are introducing.

The World Map

In between missions, the player will visit the World Map of Thana to plan his next course of action. The map will showcase different types of information: the mission nodes available, the mythological homeland of each mission, the mission’s difficulty and rewards, and much more. You, the player, can’t intervene everywhere at once. You will have to analyze the situation and act accordingly.

A Flexible Loadout

One of the main things in Towers of Thana is the freedom of choice the player has. This is reflected in the Loadout system, where we want players to try out and experiment with different towers and abilities. In a way, we want players to build a loadout that will fit their style of play and strategy. The flexible loadout is the first step in this direction. Previous builds gave players a choice between two loadouts, each with clear strengths and weaknesses. This time around, the player can play around the towers available and change his loadout before each mission.

The Campaign’s Objective

It was important for us to start giving a sense of purpose to our players. What exactly is happening in Thana? Where are the corrupted armies coming from? What are you fighting for? How can you stop the corruption of the mythologies and of Thana itself? In this build, we are starting to put the pieces together and provide more direction to the players.

More Maps and Biomes

We are also introducing several new maps (mission layouts) and two new mythological kingdoms: the Polynesian and Greek biomes. Each map has a unique layout that will impact your loadout and strategy.

A Save Game System

Since we are building towards a feeling of progression and longer play sessions, it was time to introduce a save game system so our players can keep progressing on their journey.

We have more systems and mechanics in store for you. As such, your feedback in the upcoming weeks will be incredibly valuable to help us balance and fine tune things!