Build Update 1 – Improved Vessels

Hello everyone,

Today we’re pleased to release a new build for Towers of Thana. This new demo features mostly changes from the feedback received at PAX East and what we observed during the event. So a big thank you to all of those who took the time to talk with us and helped us improve the game! Outside of bug fixes, we improved the combat around Ogur Vessels, rotated the in-game camera to improve the field of view, added mission objectives in the HUD and added graphic settings in the Pause Menu.

Like the PAX build, the game starts off with a choice between two loadouts and scenarios: 

Vessel Behaviors

In the Egyptian map, you have to destroy 3 rounds of Ogur’s Vessels to stop the invasion of the territory. In each of them, Vessels are spawning endless waves of enemies who want to destroy the map’s Core (and you). Your goal is to eradicate the Vessel to complete each round and, ultimately, win the mission.

In hindsight, we realized that this loop was becoming a bit stale. You fight back and repeal waves of enemies, reach the Vessel and destroy it, then repeat these steps until the mission is over. We decided to spice things up a bit by making the Vessel encounters more exciting and random. Each Vessel now possesses abilities out of a random pool. Let’s check them out:


The Vessel casts fiery mortars that rain down from the sky. Make sure to avoid them!


The Vessel will summon a giant creature called Commander. The Commander will set its sights on the Core and the Super Towers of the region, destroying everything in its way. This guy is no joke, don’t let it reach the Core!

Elite Enemies

Instead of spawning regular waves of enemies, the Vessel will spawn elite versions of said enemies. These elite mobs have more health and deal more damage, so be careful around them!

Fortified Buildings

The Vessel calls upon Ogur to spawn fortified buildings for protection, changing the dynamic of the encounter. The Vessel will be shielded and immune to all damage until the fortified buildings are destroyed!


The Vessel will retreat under fire and burrow deep underground to emerge somewhere else on the map! Look at your mini-map to find out where it has escaped!

Camera Rotation

Another change is the game’s perspective: we applied a 45 degrees rotation to the in-game camera. We found that this new angle fit the game better and helped to gain a better field of view of the enemies and lanes.

Mission Objectives

We also realized that for some people, the goal of each scenario wasn’t easy to understand. As such, we added some UI in the corner of the screen to explain clearly the mission’s goal and track the progress.

Graphic Settings

And the last change you may notice is the new graphic settings tab in the Pause Menu. Those are still in an alpha state, but let us know what you think about them! These settings should provide more flexibility to fit your preferred visual settings. 

This about sums it up. Thank you for your time and support and make sure to share your feedback on our Discord! Stay tuned for the next updates, cheers!