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Bishop Games: Introducing Ben Corriveau

Hey everyone, today we have a new guy in town to introduce! Please welcome Ben Corriveau, the newest employee at the studio. You read that right, we now have 2 Bens on board… our success is now guaranteed.

On a serious note, Ben joins the team as a full-time employee and as the second programmer of the studio. He will help us realize our vision of Light Fall and make it a great game. We are very excited about having Ben on the team, we share a common vision and philosophy when it comes to making games.

In his brand new and shiny Light Fall shirt, Ben Corriveau will help us in making Light Fall an amazing game.

In his brand new and shiny Light Fall shirt, Ben Corriveau will help us in making Light Fall an amazing game.


Here’s a short interview in which Ben introduces himself to you all. Have a good read!

  • What were you up to before joining Bishop Games?

I was living in Drummondville with my family. I completed an accounting degree and worked in this field for two years. Then, I realized I wanted to do something else in life. I completed a short course in programming, something I already did as a part-time hobby. This led me to work at Frima Studio in Quebec for one year, then I joined the guys.


  • What was the process of joining Bishop Games, an indie studio, like? Did you know the guys?

I already knew David beforehand, as he was my teacher at Bart College, the place where I took my course. I also briefly worked on Light Fall before joining Frima, a year ago. So I had already met the guys. As for officially joining the team, David offered me the job around a beer and I quickly accepted!


  • How does it feel to join a project like Light Fall?

It feels awesome! I had already backed the game’s Kickstarter last year and now I’m working on it full-time… Quite the funny situation. The guys also seem really laid back and fun to work with so far. It’s really different working on your own IP (intellectual property) than doing servicing contracts for other clients. We have much more freedom and we just try our best to make a fun and exciting game instead of doing exactly what the client demands.


  • What are your favorite video games?

All-time: Bad Company 2, Guild Wars (1), Halo 2-4. Recently: Destiny, Salt and Sanctuary, Ori and the Blind Forest. I mostly enjoy FPS and platformers, with some RPGs from time to time.


  • What is your favorite meal?

I can’t choose between poutine and pad thai!!!


  • Lastly, the most important question, how cool is it to have two Bens in a team of four?

Obviously awesome! Although, it’s sometimes confusing when someone simply says ‘Ben’. We have to work something out I guess, but it’s a small price to pay for all the awesomeness it brings!



Marshlands of Sorrows OST preview, CMF-approved and more!

Hey guys! Today we have an update of what we’ve been doing these past two months. First of all, the CMF (Canadian Media Fund) announced the 14 projects selected for the Production Experimental-Innovation program across Canada and we are happy to announce that Light Fall is one of them!

This is a big deal for us, for the game and ultimately for you, the future players. Being approved by the CMF does a lot of great things for the game. Firstly, it allows us to have a salary for the entire duration of the production. This means that in the near future, we will be able to quit our part-time jobs and solely and completely devote our time to Light Fall.

It also gives us the means to have extensive QA, a marketing budget, to travel to several expos and hire another programmer on the team to speed up the production. All good news for the game! You can find more details here.

A huge part of our recent success belongs to you all. Most of you were truly the first ones to believe in us and put us on the map. So once again, thank you all so much!

Marshlands of Sorrows soundtrack preview

Now that the business stuff is out of the way, let’s get down to the interesting part of the update; the game. The second Act of the game, the Marshlands of Sorrows, is progressing tremendously well.

We have a playtesting session set in Quebec (thanks to Ubisoft Quebec for the access to their playerbase and lab) coming up in August and we will be testing the second Act there.

Recently we have been working in collaboration with our musician, Jupiterion, for the music of this act. He’s the same mastermind behind the demo’s soundtrack, by the way.

Here’s what we have in mind for the Marshlands, pretty eerie right?

The upcoming soundtracks will be shared with our Alpha Agent backers (40$+) on Kickstarter, as part of their rewards, and Jupiterion is eager to hear the feedback from you guys. So, if you supported the Kickstarter back then and are part of this bracket, stay tuned!

Mictlan’s Fanatics

After the Corrupted Ancients that we showed you a few months ago, here’s another big guy that will surely cause many problems for the player: Mictlan’s Fanatics.


The Fanatics are entirely devoted to their God and will do anything in their power to block your way and protect their leader. Better watch out for them, unless you want to end up as a snack!

Well, that’s it for today. We hope you enjoyed this update and we’ll update as soon as possible.


Speed Run Mode Announcement

Hello everyone! With Christmas coming up in a few days, we’d like to share some good news with you all.

In case you have missed our most recent Kickstarter update, we are here to tell you more about the Speed Run Mode for Light Fall.


Not all of you might be aware, but the idea of a Speed Run Mode has been around for a while. The idea came about naturally, back at PAX East in Boston, last year. Back then we put a timer and death counter in the playable demo so we would have a general idea of the average time the fans took to complete our levels and how many times they died. To us, it was a measuring tool to balance things out.

What we didn’t expect was that quite a lot of people liked to challenge their friends in a race, playing on two stations next to each other. We also had a group that played the entire afternoon trying to beat the time of the devs (and one of them did).

Going back to the cold winter of Quebec City, we decided to ponder on how to implement this game mode and make it a cool feature. Simply put, once you launch the game, a menu will pop up and you will have the choice between the Story Mode, which is the game’s campaign, and the Speed Run Mode. In Speed Run Mode, you can play any level that you want from the start, there is no linear progression like in the Story Mode.

The in-game menu.

The in-game menu.

The main idea is obviously to get the best time possible to get a higher score, but that’s not all. You will be able to add Difficulty Multipliers before every level to boost its overall challenge but also to increase your potential score.

Right now, we’ve thought of 5 Multipliers and have implemented 2 of them in the demo, to test things out.

Our ideas so far:

You Only Live Once: No checkpoints. If you die, you start from the beginning.
The Sky is Falling: Deadly particles falling from the sky throughout the level.
Embrace the Darkness: The level’s visibility is greatly reduced.
Crystal Clear: Additional crystals are inserted into the levels.
Beast Mode: Additional enemies are inserted into the levels.

We have other cool ideas in mind but they are a bit funky, and as such, require more time to polish. To give you a better idea, we made a few GIFs comparing exact same spots in the levels being played in Story Mode versus Speed Run Mode.

The water mills in the Lunar Plain.

The water mills in the Lunar Plain.


The Lost Lagoon.

The Lost Lagoon.

As you can see, the level can become quite hardcore.

To conclude, we’d like to remind you all that we will be attending PAX South once again this year! Hopefully we meet some of you there. We will post an update just before PAX to tell you what’s coming up.

Cheers and we wish you all a happy holidays!