Build Update 5 – Tower Upgrades

Hello everyone! Today, we are releasing a new build update for Towers of Thana. This build features a few tweaks and fixes, but most importantly, two new features: interactive input tutorials and tower upgrades. Let’s dive right into it!

Tower Upgrades

One of the main goals in Towers of Thana is to empower the player and allow him to create his personal loadout and strategy. As you know, the player finds and equips mythological artifacts to gain new towers and abilities. We are pushing this concept one step further with tower upgrades.

With enough soul shards (currency found in missions or earned as mission rewards), you can now upgrade your artifacts and grant new powers to your towers. Artifacts can be upgraded in the Inventory in order to unlock different abilities.

For example, the Lightning Tower, which specializes in stuns and area of effect damage, can be upgraded in 3 different ways. You can unlock the Storm upgrade to increase the duration of your combo’s area of effect damage, the Gust ability to push back enemies in the lane or the Discharge ability to stun and damage any attackers. At the end of the day, the choice is yours!

Interactive Tutorials

We’ve also been working on a more interactive approach across the board. We want you to learn the game and its intricacies in a more natural manner. As such, we’ve created interactive tutorials for the different objectives and inputs used in-game.

Bug Fixes & QoL

  • We fixed a bug in the Main Menu where the Wishlist and Support buttons crashed the entire menu.
  • Tutorials are now only shown once, in the first mission of a playthrough instead of repeatedly.

That’s it for now! As always, thanks for the support and we hope you enjoy these new features!