Build Update 7 – Movement 2.0

Hello, fearless guardians of Thana!

Today we are thrilled to introduce 2 new mechanics that will improve how we move around in Thana. We’re also introducing substantial graphical improvements to the Egyptian and Norse biomes. Let’s dive in!

Dash Mechanic

Ever wished you could easily avoid the projectiles from the enemies? By pressing the spacebar, you can now execute a swift dash, allowing for quicker reactions. This addition promises to refine your gameplay and enable more dynamic fights!

Super Tower Teleportation

Strategic positioning is key in Towers of Thana, and with the vastness of the map, getting to critical points swiftly used to be tedious. No more! We’ve introduced a new feature that allows players to teleport directly to Super Towers or the Core by pressing the ‘T’ key. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to respond to threats and provide a more streamlined gaming experience.

Enhanced Egyptian And Norse Biomes

Visual aesthetics play a major role in immersion, and we’ve taken steps to ensure that the Egyptian and Norse biomes are a visual treat. With improved graphics, players can now experience these biomes in greater detail and clarity. Have a look:

In closing, the “Movement 2.0” update is a direct response to your feedback and our commitment to continuously refine and improve Towers of Thana. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on these new features and look forward to further enhancing the game based on your experiences.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to many more adventures in Thana!