Bishop Brotherhood, it’s time to show your support

Greetings members of the Brotherhood. It is now the time to show your support to the Bishop Brotherhood with these new and exclusive Bishop Games tees and tank tops. For a mere amount of 15$ (plus shipping), you can now become a part of the Brotherhood.
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By doing so, not only do you get a cool shirt/tank top, but you also give us your trust and blessings for our upcoming game, LightFall. With the money we get from this, we will finally be able to feed Mat, our lead visual designer and game designer, who has been working for weeks encaged and malnourished. Help Mat out and buy a shirt,  you know you have to.


Jokes aside, you now have 20 days to get one of these exclusive shirts. You can choose from different models and colors, all available HERE:

Have a great week and thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support!