Act 2 Preview: The Marshlands of Sorrows

‘’The air is so hot and moist it makes a simple task like breathing a chore. Not that any sane individual would enjoy filling his lungs with this foul stench anyway. Each step in these muddy lands can be your last. A gargantuan and poisonous flora, bottomless ponds that suck any unfortunate animal passing by deep into the earth, creatures as hideous as they are dangerous… Truly these rotten bogs are a charming corner of paradise.’’

– Stryx

And you, will you dare venture into the Marshlands of Sorrows?

Here’s a preview of what the second Act of Light Fall has in store for you.



The Marshlands of Sorrows are located at the center of Numbra, where the continent is nothing but a narrow corridor flanked by the sea from both sides. This causes the environment to be incredibly moist, warm and sludgy. This part of the land, albeit very hostile and forsaken, is crucial to the inhabitants of Numbra. Indeed, the Marshlands are the only thing that links the Lunar Plains to the rest of the continent. As such, the Kamloops had to use their wits and ingenuity to assure a safe passage across this region.


A rich history

Despite the grim reputation nowadays, the Marshlands were once a much different place. An extinct civilization, the Matez, is said to have lived in this part of Numbra a thousand years ago. The Matez were first heard of when a ruined temple was discovered in a secluded part of the Marshlands. After years of studying their writings, this ancient race is still shrouded in mistery. They seemingly vanished from the surface of the Earth one day and with time became a relic of the past. Will someone eventually find out what happened to the Matez back then?

Something terrible stirs in the darkness.
Something terrible stirs in the darkness.

Gameplay additions

Most importantly, the Marshlands of Sorrows will bring a new and refreshing tone to the gameplay of Light Fall. As you explore this new region, you will encounter many new enemies that will put your brain and abilities to the test.

Introducing the Devourer and the Slimky. These formidable foes will take down the most skilled players.
Introducing the Devourer and the Slimky. These formidable foes will take down the most skilled players.

We are also introducing new landscape elements that will directly impact the gameplay of Light Fall. Tall grass and bushes, hidden traps and falling/crumbling objects are a glimpse of what you can expect…

The second Act will also offer its own gameplay puzzles to solve. If you have played our demo in the past, you know we like to add some mini puzzles into the levels to set a change of pace.

Overall, the Marshlands will be one step ahead in difficulty compared to the Lunar Plains. You can expect more challenging and fast-paced content.


To conclude, we hope this little preview has piqued your interest and curiosity. Once again, thanks for the support and we will keep working hard to make Light Fall the best we can.

Cheers and talk to you soon!