Bishop On The Road: PAX South 2017 Recap

Hey guys, we hope you are all doing fine! Today, we’re introducing a new blog series that will touch on our day-to-day lives on the road.

Attending conventions around the world like PAX or GDC is an amazing experience, it’s something quite unique in fact. We get questioned a lot on what it is like to have a booth and show our game to the world, so we figured it would be great idea to share what we go through as exhibitors. PAX South 2017 was our third time in the beautiful San Antonio, and we loved it just the same as the first time!


Once again, the public’s reception was outstanding!

Texan Winter Ain’t So Bad

The first thing that we enjoy about San Antonio is that it’s a nice break from our cold Canadian winter. Sure, Texas in winter isn’t that warm, but it’s nothing compared to what we go through up north. At least there isn’t a couple feet of snow everywhere! It’s a welcomed change and it usually feels like we are splitting our own winter season in two!

Snow break for a week? Count us in!

Snow break for a week? Count us in!

We even managed to buy swimsuits once we arrived, as there was a nice pool on the roof of our hotel. That’s dedication right there!

Day 1: A Bumpy Start

We setup our booth on Thursday, one day prior to the beginning of PAX. Everything went fine and we didn’t run into any major problems. Our equipment was working fine, our Light Fall demo was tight… but you know how it goes right? When we arrived Friday morning, none of our three stations worked properly. Even worse, they all had a different problem!

One had a sound issue with the headset, the second one wouldn’t open our demo and the third one would display that damned ‘Activate Windows’ message on top of our game. Thankfully, we managed to get everything fixed by 10:15 AM. So only 15 minutes late… not too bad! The rest of the day went fine, but that was a stressful morning for sure.

We then finished our day at The Original Mexican Restaurant on the beautiful Riverwalk of San Antonio. This is ”our spot” whenever we attend PAX South. The drinks are quite something…

On the menu, it is said that under the Texan law only one of those is allowed per night...

On the menu, it is said that under the Texan law only one of those is allowed per night…

Day 2: Packed All Day Long

Saturday is always the biggest day of any expo and this time was no different. Time flies by and you realize at one point that the show is over! On a personal level, this was my ”big day” as well. I am the one who handles the press and, at one point, I had five meetings in a row. I remember looking at my phone only to see it was almost 3:00 pm… It was time for my lunch break. All in all, Saturday was great but exhausting. I think we all went back at the hotel pretty early in the night and just watched some TV before falling asleep.

We might have needed more than two playing stations on Saturday.

We might have needed more than two playing stations on Saturday.

Day 3: Time to Play Around!

I won’t lie, Sunday is definitely my favorite day. Why? Because it’s gaming day of course! It’s on Sunday that we usually rotate at the booth, allowing us to finally explore the convention and try out all the amazing games. I had my eyes on a couple of them since the beginning, and it was finally time to get ”my hands dirty”. Dauntless was one of them. Our booth was nearby, so I could check them out all weekend long! I really enjoyed playing their alpha battle demo. From all the games I’ve tried, it was my #1.

Math and David also had the chance to try out the much anticipated Nintendo Switch, and let me tell you they weren’t disappointed!

It will be a long wait for Dauntless, but I'm very excited for the game!

It will be a long wait for Dauntless, but I’m very excited for the game!

The budget of some of these booths never cease to amaze me. I can only dream that one day we will have a similar one for one of our games!

Earthfall went all out with this beauty!

Earthfall went all out with this beauty!

Finally, Sunday is my favorite because it usually presents a different crowd. By the end of the afternoon, it’s not rare to see parents with their kids walking through the now less-populated convention. We had a few of them hop in and try the game, and despite their young age, they were very talented!

A father and son duo exploring the world of Numbra.

A father and son duo exploring the world of Numbra.

PAX South: Indie-Friendly

To conclude, we really enjoyed our time at this third edition of PAX South. Every time we’ve been here, we have felt welcomed by the community. It truly feels like the crowd of PAX South enjoys indie games and we always feel extremely motivated after such an event. We had a blast chatting with you all this weekend and it will only make us work harder to release the best Light Fall possible.

Thanks for the support and the love, we greatly appreciate it! Stay tuned for more Light Fall in the upcoming weeks :)


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Our Medium Approach

Hey guys, it’s been some time since our last update on the blog.

Fear not! It’s not that we’ve stopped posting online, far from it. Recently, we’ve been trying a new approach for our social media posts. Two months ago, we have created a Medium account under the studio’s name and have started posting there regularly on different topics about our activities and the game.


Why Medium?

First of all, Medium will not replace this blog. Our blog has been running since day 1 and we intend to keep it that way. Then, you may ask, why post on Medium? Well, Medium is mostly about education, learning and sharing. As game devs, we have been asked often times by fans, family and friends to describe our everyday life. Questions like ”How did you come up with this idea for Light Fall?” or ”How do you manage to pay for your expenses while starting a studio?” have been asked many, many times.

As such, Medium is the perfect platform to share this kind of stuff with others. Our blog, and our Kickstarter page for that matter, will remain focused on Light Fall and the important decisions we take at the studio. Medium, on the other hand, will touch on many different subjects related to video games at large. So if game development has always interested you, feel free to go there to discuss and interact with us.

You can read the topics we’ve talked about right below:
TwitchCon: I Thought I Knew Twitch, But I Didn’t
The Importance of Colors in Game Design
Build a Coherent Game Universe
Our Game Studio’s Road to Success
Story vs Gameplay: How We Did It
5 Life-Savers For Your First Expo

Medium: Reaching A New Crowd

Using Medium not only is fun, but it also allows us to reach a new crowd of people. We share our stories and our knowledge with the public, and in doing so, some of them develop an interest in the game and decide to follow us. It’s a win-win situation for us and so far we have enjoyed it a lot! We’ve already seen the positive impact of Medium on the growth of our social media’s followers.

So far, we have been very pleased about this new approach:

Our humble beginnings on Medium so far. It has been fun to share our stories with the public.

Our humble beginnings on Medium. It has been fun to share our stories with the public.


The Medium posts have helped grow our brand on other platforms as well.

The Medium posts have helped grow our followers base on other platforms as well.

Light Fall Update

As for Light Fall, we’re currently finalizing the last steps of our beta. Right now, we are working on the bosses of the game! We are all very excited about that and we’ll do everything in our power so they live up to your expectations! While we can’t reveal too much right now, we still have a little something for you today. Right below, the Lair of Animus… an underwater cavern hidden beneath the Lost Lagoon! This is where you will encounter the first boss of the game… Enjoy!

What has happened to Animus the Wise?

What has happened to Animus the Wise? Find out soon…

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Light Fall Update: New Steam Beta!

Hey guys! It’s been some time since our last update about the game. The truth is we have been working on a new Steam build for our beta. Beta access was one of our Kickstarter rewards and it was a way for us to keep getting feedback with our fans throughout the development.

A big thanks to Ubisoft

A few weeks ago, we were offered a great opportunity by the Ubisoft team in Quebec City. They hosted two playtest sessions for our new material and it was a very awesome experience to see their playtest lab. We watched 16 testers play this new version and immediately spotted the glaring bugs and things that needed to be fixed. After the playtest, we went back to the studio and improved and fixed what needed to be done. If you were an Alpha Agent backer on Kickstarter, you can now directly test the new build in your Steam library.

We had a blast at Ubisoft's playtest lab a few weeks ago.

We had a blast at Ubisoft’s playtest lab a few weeks ago.

What’s new?

Obviously, we’re not going to leave the rest of you in the dark. Just so you know, the development is progressing nicely and the entire beta should be completed in December. Here’s a list of the new things in this version.

  • A beta version of the Prologue has been added in this build.

The prologue takes place in a mysterious setting.


  • We have improved several elements of the first Act, the Lunar Plain, ranging from the level design to adding new in-game narrations. All in all, this act hasn’t changed much but the changes will make it more fluid and immersive.

Some parts of the levels have been redesigned to create a more adequate learning curve.


  • We’re presenting for the first time the second Act, the Marshlands of Sorrows. This act is a brand new region; new enemies, new game mechanics and new platforming elements will await the player.

The player will be able to experience the second act’s beta version.


  •  We’ve also added in-game collectibles in every level. These in-game collectibles are not doing anything just yet, but will be lore-related in the final game. Do you think you can find them all?

Be on the lookout for hidden collectibles scattered across the levels.


  •  We have three brand new songs to share with you. We’ll post more about the soundtrack pretty soon but go find out in-game and you will not be disappointed!

We are excited to share this build with you guys. Your feedback, suggestions and bug reports can be sent at! Your help and comments will be greatly appreciated; it will help us when we get to the polishing phase.

That’s all for now, stay tuned and thanks for your continued support.

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