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Bishop Games: Introducing Ben Corriveau

Hey everyone, today we have a new guy in town to introduce! Please welcome Ben Corriveau, the newest employee at the studio. You read that right, we now have 2 Bens on board… our success is now guaranteed.

On a serious note, Ben joins the team as a full-time employee and as the second programmer of the studio. He will help us realize our vision of Light Fall and make it a great game. We are very excited about having Ben on the team, we share a common vision and philosophy when it comes to making games.

In his brand new and shiny Light Fall shirt, Ben Corriveau will help us in making Light Fall an amazing game.

In his brand new and shiny Light Fall shirt, Ben Corriveau will help us in making Light Fall an amazing game.


Here’s a short interview in which Ben introduces himself to you all. Have a good read!

  • What were you up to before joining Bishop Games?

I was living in Drummondville with my family. I completed an accounting degree and worked in this field for two years. Then, I realized I wanted to do something else in life. I completed a short course in programming, something I already did as a part-time hobby. This led me to work at Frima Studio in Quebec for one year, then I joined the guys.


  • What was the process of joining Bishop Games, an indie studio, like? Did you know the guys?

I already knew David beforehand, as he was my teacher at Bart College, the place where I took my course. I also briefly worked on Light Fall before joining Frima, a year ago. So I had already met the guys. As for officially joining the team, David offered me the job around a beer and I quickly accepted!


  • How does it feel to join a project like Light Fall?

It feels awesome! I had already backed the game’s Kickstarter last year and now I’m working on it full-time… Quite the funny situation. The guys also seem really laid back and fun to work with so far. It’s really different working on your own IP (intellectual property) than doing servicing contracts for other clients. We have much more freedom and we just try our best to make a fun and exciting game instead of doing exactly what the client demands.


  • What are your favorite video games?

All-time: Bad Company 2, Guild Wars (1), Halo 2-4. Recently: Destiny, Salt and Sanctuary, Ori and the Blind Forest. I mostly enjoy FPS and platformers, with some RPGs from time to time.


  • What is your favorite meal?

I can’t choose between poutine and pad thai!!!


  • Lastly, the most important question, how cool is it to have two Bens in a team of four?

Obviously awesome! Although, it’s sometimes confusing when someone simply says ‘Ben’. We have to work something out I guess, but it’s a small price to pay for all the awesomeness it brings!



Stunfest 2016: Mat’s thoughts and recap

Hello everyone. This devlog post is not written by your usual suspect Ben, but by myself, Mat.

I decided to write a quick recollection of my thoughts and a short recap of my experience at the Stunfest 2016, that took place last week in Rennes, France.

My journey or how to introduce oneself to a new country

Last week, I attended the 2016 edition of Stunfest in Rennes, France, leaving my proud Bishop compatriots behind. My first mission was simple: to make new friends to replace them of course! It was the first time we presented Light Fall in Europe, and man, what a first time. I was travelling with Louis Leclerc from Pixel Quebec so at least I was in good company!


The first dive
To start things in full force, I had to give a lecture on the first day in front of hundreds of game developers. The topic was on independent game development but also on our own experience at Bishop Games and how things are in Quebec, Canada. Obviously, the best way to grab everyone’s attention is to start strong. What else than a broken Powerpoint to do so? It was a stressful first minute but overall it went quite well. It allowed me to introduce myself to all the other exhibitors out there and break the ice in a funny way. At least people remembered me easily as ”the guy who fails at Powerpoint”!


The leap of faith
The start of the exhibition! Ah, the Stunfest… a retro-arcade-indie game festival who brings forward everything we love in the video game culture. An outstanding and unique event! Armed with my laptop and a boatload of business cards, I was ready to showcase Light Fall to the European public: French, Swiss, Belgian and many more were at the rendez-vous. Three days of exhibition starting from 10 AM to 3 AM… Wait what?! Yeah, you read that right, it isn’t a typo. As a wise sage once said: sleep is for the weak…


Seducing the French people
Quite the task, but I had some help. A rumor went by that some stranger from over the sea, living in the cold North of Canada, was in town. My French accent from Quebec, which is nothing like the one in France, was enough proof. People came by just to hear me speak sometimes…
Moreover, the Stunfest and the other indies in general were extremely generous. Light Fall received a lot of exposure: trailer showcase on the ‘Grande Place’ in front of thousands of people, public speed runs, a full-page in the event’s promotional pamphlet, etc. I was lucky enough to meet the gamers, the media and the press, as well as lots of speed runners during the days I spent there.

FullSizeRender 2

France: the home of Speed run
What attracted that many speed runners to my booth: my Quebec accent or the Speed run mode of Light Fall? Alas, we will never know! One thing is certain though, the French speed runners absolutely loved their experience with the game. RealMyop, Speed them All and many others will keep an eye out for the game and are eager to share their feedback if needed. Good news for everyone, right?!

My pilgrimage: success or failure?
Only time will tell, but the reactions from the public and the press was honestly outstanding. I didn’t expect this at all, I’m usually not the guy who handles the press so I was going in blind. Overall, the event organizers and the indies were all extremely welcoming and helped me survive this gruesome exhibition schedule! Shout-out to the people of EpicBob, Eode Group, RuffleRim, Wako Factory and all the speedrunners! A very bright and amazing indie community resides over there.

As of right now, I can definitely say: Mission accomplished and until next time Stunfest!

PAX South 2016: Recap and catching up on Light Fall…

Hey everyone!

Two weeks have passed since our trip to PAX South 2016 and now that the dust has settled I figured it would be a good time to do a little recap on our event.

One year later…

It was only the second edition of PAX South ever, but we could see things had changed in one year. The event was bigger; it seemed more studios and fans were attending this time around. Once again, we met a lot of great people and even saw some familiar faces too. People that were there the first year came back to our booth and some also said they had supported our Kickstarter back in May. It was a great to chat with you all!

We were also thrilled to come back and show the changes we had made on Light Fall in the past year. We felt that our Speed run mode addition was very welcomed by the more hardcore fans. With both the Story mode and the Speed run mode, Light Fall now caters to most platformers fans. No matter if you prefer a more story-oriented approach or challenging and competitive gameplay, you can experience either. Whatever floats your boat as they say.

The weekend was busy as usual!

The weekend was busy as usual!

One year later... Steve, our PAX enforcer, was still there with us!

One year later… Steve, our PAX enforcer, was still there with us!

A friendly trip

It was our third PAX, and our second time at South specifically. We were very excited to visit San Antonio again, not only because it is a beautiful city, but also because it was here that we attended our first exhibition, one year ago.

This time, we rolled with three other studios from the Quebec area; Berzerk, Chainsawesome Games and Parabole. We rented two apartments for the trip and lived together for the week surrounding PAX. Our stands were all in the same alley, cornering the four spots. ”The French corner”, it was jokingly nicknamed by the PAX enforcers. We also met two other studios from Montreal; Spearhead Games and Clever Endeavour. It was really fun to hang out with these guys throughout the weekend.

It was great to see the beautiful Riverwalk once more.

It was great to see the beautiful Riverwalk once more.

Slowly gaining recognition

While we’re no pop stars, this PAX made us realize that we were slowly gaining recognition from the fans and the press. Our media bookings were rolling for the entire weekend and we even got approached by Twitch to be on the main stage on Saturday.

It was a stressful but fun experience. Light Fall had a 15 minutes segment where we showcased the game on Twitch while answering questions. We are starting to get used to media interviews, but being on the big stage in front of all the people is a different animal! In retrospect, I think the interview went quite well! At one point, I was too busy talking and answering questions and I didn’t have enough time to complete the last level of the demo! I remember explaining some thing about this particular level when I heard ”one minute” in my ear, only to die on my playthrough a few seconds later. Fun times!

You can check the whole coverage here (Light Fall segment starts at 06:16:30).

Ben on the Twitch Stage for the Light Fall feature.

Ben on the Twitch Stage for the Light Fall feature.

And Light Fall?

We will have a dedicated post to update you all next week, but what I can tell you is that the Marshlands, the second region of the game, will be absolutely amazing! We’ve been working really hard on that in the weeks prior to PAX and we are wrapping things up nicely. We hope you guys will enjoy what we will have to show next week!

That’s it for now, stay tuned and keep supporting us! It means the world to us!